Je Bent Er Nog – Fiep Westendorp Stimuleringsprijs 2011-2013

In 2011, I won the Fiep Westendorp Stimuleringsprijs; a prize that is awarded to three young illustrators every two years, and grants them funding to work on their own project. This award gave me opportunity to explore for the first time the world after art school; both as a young, anxiety-ridden adult and as an illustrator.

The project that had won me the support of the Fiep Westendorp Foundation, was a project about my father, or rather my fear of losing him one day. In a series of paintings and journal fragments, I attempted to get to the core of this fear, in the hope to defeat it – by making a book out of it.

It has been a while since I made “Je Bent Er Nog” (“You’re Still Here”). But as it has been an important experience for me, and since I owe much of my professional development to the Fiep Westendorp people, this work still feels relevant to me.
Below, you’ll find a small selection of work I’ve made for this project, between 2011 and 2013.