HKU Fashion Show

Fashion Show Promotion Project.

With Anne Knispel, Rosanne Groeneweg, (concept)
Ellen van Esbroek, Annemarie Westen, Menno Voortman, (concept/organization)
Marieke Houwers and Ester Bartels (HouwersBartels) (graphic design).

I drew the poster, and 35 portraits (one of every Fashion student at the HKU that would graduate in 2011, and one of Wim of course). Then my head started drawing everybody I looked at. This automatism is hard to get rid of.

The portraits were published in the programme of the fashion show.



Promotion material – design by HouwersBartels


21/4/2011 Elle, blog (HKU Fashion Show promotion illustration)
21/4/2011 HKU, blog (HKU Fashion Show promotion illustration)