AvierKoerier at VERS finale, Compagnietheater, Amsterdam

A quick-portrait-frenzy by AvierKoerier, this particular session’s team consisting of Steef Wildenbeest and myself, during the finale of the VERS poetry competition by School der Poëzie at Compagnietheater, Amsterdam.




AvierKoerier menah 01



2016-05-31 17.37.03



2016-05-31 17.24.09







Illustratie Biënnale 2016 – 10 illustratoren, 10 boeken

It’s time for the Illustratie Biënnale again! A weekend full of illustrationy goodness at de Toneelschuur in Haarlem, coinciding with de Stripdagen which take place in the same area.
For this edition of the biannual, I’ve participated in a special project initiated by the Fiep Westendorp Foundation, called ’10 illustratoren, 10 boeken’: an exhibition of illustrated covers, for books of the participants’ own choice. In addition to this, a publication has been made of not only the cover designs, but also the sketch phases that lead the illustrators to their end results. The publication will be available for sale in the pop-up museum store.

You’re very welcome to come visit this awesome event. The book cover project will be shown at the expeditiegarage (that’s inside the Toneelschuur) on Saturday from 12.00 to 17.00, and on Sunday from 13.30 tp 17.00. Free entrance.
Hope to see you there!

Schermafdruk 2016-06-01 18.12.13
Sneak peek of my contribution to the cover project

Expo & opening | Filter Amsterdam

promo blog online



Hiya people,

For the coming three months, a selection of my most recent works will be exhibited at Filter Amsterdam.
The opening is on thursday september 17th, from 19.00 until 20.30. You are very welcome to drop by.
There will be snacks, there will be drinks, and there will also be some works and prints for sale at a special price that evening.


If you’re traveling by train and arrive at Amsterdam Central Station:
Filter Amsterdam is situated at a five minute walking distance from Waterlooplein, which you can most easily reach by subway. Click here for your 9292 travel schedule.
You can also take bus 34 or tram 9.

If you’re traveling by car:
There is a parking garage located at Valkenburgerstraat 238. Click here for more info.

If you’d like to have a little walk or bikeride:
I can recommend this, it’s quite a nice part of town. And even if you choose a touristy route, it will probably not take you more than a half hour to get from Central Station to Filter. Here is your map.

If you have any questions you can reach me at menahmarleen [at] gmail.com.
It would be lovely to see you there!

xx Menah


Click here for the facebook event


Menah live in june

I will be drawing live on several occasions this month, and you are very welcome to come and see me.

11/6 : De Idee #9 Thema: MOTIEF! | SSBA Salon, Amsterdam | 20.00 – 23.00 |  ticket: €7,50 – philosophical talkshow (live doodling)
12/6 : CloudNights: UJazz Panorama with Denise Jannah and Menah | TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht | 21.00 – 23.00 | ticket: €7,00 or more – multidisciplinary improvisation
27/6 : Volkshotel’s first birthday | Volkshotel, Amsterdam | event: 10.00 – 4.00 Menah: 21.00 – 23.00 – live drawing & portrait session

live in june promo



My work at other people’s places

It always makes me happy to see my work in the houses of the people I gave or sold it to. So here’s a post with some of those houses. Which I by the way think are also super great even aside from my art hanging there.

If you have my work in your home ( / office / pants) and you’d like to be in this post, take a picture and send it to me!

My part in this lovely interior are some of the drawings on the wall; you might recognize the early artwork I did for Nausica and furthermore, the portraits I made for Myra’s birthday.






On this lovely wall, underneath the picture of Julie’s parents (who some would say look a bit like Ernest’s parents), is ‘alles‘, a live drawing I once made when I asked the audience “what would you do if you dared to do everything?” and one person answered “everything”.

foto 3b





Look in the right below corner of this composition to find Arjen’s best party memory, and a little sketch I made of my friends in their old home.
Also their piece of my 2014 christmas card.


IMG_2902 online



The zebra-girl.

mijn werk hangt bij Anne



The Menah-works you can find in this room are the artwork I made for Tamar’s album (on the piano), and then the two blue-haired girls, just because.

mijn werk hangt bij tamar

FB giveaway

Hi dearies, I’m doing a giveaway on my facebook page.
You can enter the competition to win this art print. It’s a 12×16 inch giclée print, beautifully done by INPRNT, of a piece from my book Je Bent Er Nog.
HOW TO WIN: go to my facebook page and comment on the photo you see below.
I will select a winner at random from the comments tomorrow (friday the 16th) 16:00 GMT. Go for it and make yourself / somebody else happy with this print!




Rare Woorden

Woorden die heel anders worden wanneer je één letter verandert, toevoegt of weghaalt:

vervelend – wervelend
wervel – vervel
ontrasteren – contrasteren
baseline – vaseline
regenen – regeren
genome – genomen
beitelen – betitelen
dozen – doen
bestelt – nestelt
engel – egel
finder – einder
ontwerpen – Antwerpen
earnings – earrings
verven – verwen
bechamel – belhamel
aanrader – aanrander
gelul – geul
vetverdeling – vetveredeling
wandelen – aandelen
bordeel – oordeel


Woorden die je verkeerd leest of verkeerd typt en die dan een hele vreemde betekenis lijken te krijgen:

ik zink elke dag onder de douche


Nu te koop: dichtbundeltje met gedichten door Irene Schoenmacker en illustraties door Menah, tijdje terug uitgekomen onder de druknaaldjes van EXTRAPOOL en met de hand gebonden (die van Irene, nog wel!).
Bundeltje kost €6 exclusief postzegels à €1 of €1,50. Wil je er eentje (of meerdere), stuur me dan maar even een mailtje (menahmarleen [at] gmail . com), en zet daarin gelijk je postadres. Dan is het binnenkort jouw dichtbijbundeltje.






Expo | Red Brick Gallery, Berlin

Thank you Joep, for the opportunity and the weekend! Super Sunday was super nice!







IMG_5421Clean Pete sluikreclame

Clean Pete album coming out in january

Got this in the mail yesterday: a promo copy of the first super-official Clean Pete album!
I’m really excited to see my artwork printed and to hear how the songs turned out. I can promise you that, if you buy the cd (which will be released in the beginning of 2014), you will enjoy it! The music is great, and the cd comes with a lot more artwork in the form of a booklet.

Also, Clean Pete and I may have another sparkly surprise in store for you… stay tuned!


Fiep-dag 2013

Lieve mensen! Wat een dag!! Het boek -waarvan er nu nog maar één exemplaar is, maar dat graag uitgegeven zou worden- is vandaag gelanceerd tijdens de Fiep-dag van Fiep Westendorp Illustrations. En later nog eens tijdens een dubbelinterview met mijn vader en mij op Radio 2 bij De Staat van Stasse (skip naar 01:50:00 om het te vinden). Ik hou jullie op de hoogte van de voortgang. In de tussentijd allemaal heel erg bedankt! Fiep, Gioia, Hans, Nicky, Ted, Steffie, Anika, Iris, Papje, Mampje, Josefien en Stefan die mijn oren zojuist ontmoetten, en de rest. xxxx! Menah