My work at other people’s places

It always makes me happy to see my work in the houses of the people I gave or sold it to. So here’s a post with some of those houses. Which I by the way think are also super great even aside from my art hanging there.

If you have my work in your home ( / office / pants) and you’d like to be in this post, take a picture and send it to me!

My part in this lovely interior are some of the drawings on the wall; you might recognize the early artwork I did for Nausica and furthermore, the portraits I made for Myra’s birthday.






On this lovely wall, underneath the picture of Julie’s parents (who some would say look a bit like Ernest’s parents), is ‘alles‘, a live drawing I once made when I asked the audience “what would you do if you dared to do everything?” and one person answered “everything”.

foto 3b





Look in the right below corner of this composition to find Arjen’s best party memory, and a little sketch I made of my friends in their old home.
Also their piece of my 2014 christmas card.


IMG_2902 online



The zebra-girl.

mijn werk hangt bij Anne



The Menah-works you can find in this room are the artwork I made for Tamar’s album (on the piano), and then the two blue-haired girls, just because.

mijn werk hangt bij tamar

FB giveaway

Hi dearies, I’m doing a giveaway on my facebook page.
You can enter the competition to win this art print. It’s a 12×16 inch giclĂ©e print, beautifully done by INPRNT, of a piece from my book Je Bent Er Nog.
HOW TO WIN: go to my facebook page and comment on the photo you see below.
I will select a winner at random from the comments tomorrow (friday the 16th) 16:00 GMT. Go for it and make yourself / somebody else happy with this print!